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Be amazed by the beauty, versatility and uniqueness of Indian Onyx. Natural Stone Benchtops have acquired a supply of pre-cut slabs suitable for benchtops, vanities and decorative use in your home or business.

We have a supply of 5 colour variations coming from a renowned Indian green onyx quarry. We have white, light green, dark green, pink and lady onyx. These are white based onyxs with increasing amounts of crystallized green which  With our Lady Onyx, our most popular stone, you will notice that it there are layers and swirls of green and pink in the luminescent white based stone.

Indian Natural Stone is derived mainly from sandstone and is harder and glossier than other natural stone products which are formed from limestone.

Why Choose Natural Stone Benchtops

Indian marble, most of which is quartzite, a natural stone, is actually harder than granite, 7 compared to granite 6, on the hardness scale, but quartzite looks like marble, doesn’t scratch, and is used around the world for kitchen bench tops.

Indian Onyx is hard and shinier than say the famous Pakistan Onyx, which is dull and soft, much used for craft work. Indian Onyx is used for bench tops and flooring as it is scuff proof, and used for back lighting due to it’s translucency.

As China has been a large supplier of stone to Australia, but they are rapidly becoming too expensive, India are economically better to deal with, and have more choices of natural stone to choose from.

The slabs on hand, showcase the 5 variety of colours available. They are all just short of 3m long and 2cm thick. There are 3 different sizes in depth or night, 1.7m, 1.5m and 1.25m.

Natural Stone Benchtops focuses on choosing the most exquisite (rare and beautiful) natural stone slabs from a cut block, whereas you may end up with the left overs.

What most customers will end up paying top price for leftovers.

We can also arrange ‘precut to size’ requirements to reduce unnecessary costs of offcuts.

Natural, exquisite, unique...

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